Ben Franklin Transit Comprehensive Service Plan Study

About the Project

_CN_6312The goal of the Ben Franklin Transit 2016 Comprehensive Service Plan Study (CSPS) is to map out a path for improving transit service in the Tri-Cities area.  Using information gathered through community outreach and analysis of data, the CSPS will provide recommendations across three implementation phases.

Phase 1 looked at changes that can be implemented immediately, including improving efficiency throughout the entire transit system.

Status – Complete

Phase 2 provided an opportunity to develop a service expansion plan for the next three years by defining clear goals regarding productivity and geographic coverage.  This phase also looked at expanding transit service to meet the needs of additional market segments.

Status – In progress

Phase 3 will review forecasts for how the community will develop across the next 10 years, identifying areas which are likely to see new growth and development and which are likely to need transit service.

Status – In progress

The CSPS may identify new bus routes, bus stops, or other service changes to improve mobility within the community, making it easier for residents and employees to get where they need to travel. The CSPS will also look at where, how, when, and why people travel in an effort to ensure that Ben Franklin Transit provides the right services for the community.

Community “open house” events were held throughout the transit service area in January 2016. A second round of open houses were held May 18 – 21.  At this round of open houses, the community will had the opportunity to provide feedback about proposed service recommendations for the current transit program and help craft a vision for the future of Ben Franklin Transit.

A draft of the Service Plan was  completed in April 2016. The draft was presented to the community during the open house workshops in May 2016.  The final plan was delivered in August 2016 and presented to the Board of Directors on August 11, 2016. The Board of Directors choose to accept the Service Plan and begin the Implementation Phase. The Implementation Phase is in effect as of September 2016.


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  1. Anything on Sunday service?


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